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Building your industrious city with SimCity BuildIt

This is a remarkable game especially for gamers on the go. If you are a shrewd metropolis planner or a strategic formulator, then this will be a never seen before experience for you. Develop your city in many innovative ways. In each version of SimCity, the player has the task of building and organizing a city. You can define structures that are to be built in the residential, commercial and industrial zones. These three parameters are known as RCI and they are components responsible for the progress of the city. The objective behind all this is to ensure that the citizens are satisfied and happy with the quality of services and amenities. At the same time, the budget should be given due consideration. After laying out the road networks, you need to mark the belts. The structuring of your city is dependent on the plotting of regions.

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Residential zones Executions

Build residential belts for the people. The land values affect these regions to a significant extent. The property values are higher because of the presence of amenities like new parks and specialization buildings.

  • The likelihood of wealthier Sims to move into this locality is greater. In the residential belts, the houses are initially small.
  • As the population increases, the land becomes more developed. These houses are then gradually replaced by big apartment complexes.
  • If the Sims are unhappy, they will abandon their homes and leave the area. So you have to check regularly to estimate the level of happiness of your Sims.

Commercial zones

The people shop in commercial regions. Design commercial buildings in such a way so as to cater to different wealth classes. Low wealth Sims visit low wealth stores and wealthy Sims shop at high wealth shops.

  • The kind of shops that arise in a commercial zone is influenced by the land value.
  • The land values are often enhanced by the creation of more parks.
  • These types of zones create jobs for professionals.
Industrial zones

Build industrial areas to provide employment opportunities to the masses. This is the zone which produces the maximum profit. Large factories and other manufacturing units are set up which also create the most pollution.

  • Land values are affected because of the level of education in the city.
  • If uneducated workers are more because of low literacy rate, then those areas are likely to experience higher crime rates.
  • It is always a good idea to keep the houses away from the industrial belt.

Better quality of life

Use SimCity BuildIt Guide For Cash to uplift the educational structure of your city. This will lead to the improvement of quality of life. You will be able to replace dilapidated, dirty buildings gradually with better ones. This will reduce the crime rates and pave the way for an overall increase in efficiency. This will also lead to progress of residential zones which will result in improvement of commercial zones. A symbiotic relationship exists between the residential, commercial and industrial zones. These are all interlinked. A change in one parameter will affect another one.